History of Noble Creek Fish Hatchery

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Coos River S.T.E.P


Working For Fish


The Noble Creek Hatchery

Located in Greenacres off  Highway 42, the Noble Creek Hatchery was started in 1984 in a modest 40’ by 34’ building built over the salmon trap and holding pond. Thanks to the support of a very special group of people who volunteered their time, energy and dollars for more than 25 years, it has contributed to the commercial as well as the sport fishing industry in a very significant way.



The first releases into Noble Creek were in 1984. This re­lease consisted of 1000 Chinook pre-smolts that weighed 90 fish per pound. This continued for three years with a return of approximately 20 adults. In 1987, releases had been increased to over 60,000 pre-smolts, with releases increasing to 250,000 Chinook in 1994 with approximately 100,000 Coho smolts added at that time. By 1996 the releases had in­creased to 850,000 to 1 million Chinook pres-molts. The return of adults to this hatchery reached 10,000 in 2003.

Hatching Process


Our eggs are collected at the Noble Creek facility at Green Acres, then are taken to the ODFW Hatchery at Bandon, Oregon where the eggs are tended until they develop eyes. Volunteers then pick up the eyed eggs and put them in hatch boxes until they hatch. The fish are then fed until they reach 75 fish per pound before releasing into Noble Creek for their return to the ocean.




The primary purpose of the Noble Creek S.TE.P. (Salmon, Trout Enhancement Program) is to rear and release salmon stock into the under seeded Coos Bay estuary. The Noble Creek Hatchery is funded through donations and runs entirely on volunteer work. The S.H.E.D. (Site Has Everything Donated) is an asset to the commu­nity and helps provide various fishing opportunities.


We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Your support in time and/or money is always welcome. For more information or to make contributions, please contact:

Coos River STEP

P.O. Box 5907

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(541) 267-3563 email - cehaga@presys.com

The annual membership fee is $15.00